Birds of a Feather…

There’s an old notion that when you find a feather it means angels are protecting you. If that’s true, then I’m incredibly blessed with the presence of ethereal guides. This is a small sample of my feather collection found during walks or while gardening. Have you ever found a feather?

Before you start to worry, I sanitize all my finds with rubbing alcohol. No cooties here.

Birds of a Feather…

Rock n Roll

fendersmallOur house isn’t a quiet one. Music is always piped through the house by strategically placed Sonos speakers. Guitars line the walls as my husband’s in a band. Attending shows is a favorite shared activity with friends. Music informs my moods. It’s an absolute must while I’m painting or drawing! Who’s your all-time favorite band or current newcomer?simplegig1

Travel Inspired

Travel is fuel for the soul. While it’s not always possible to getaway from the daily grind and revel in beauty of some far-flung locale, we can “travel” via art, photography, or even the newest ethnic restaurant. Below are some images inspired by my trip of a lifetime to France and Italy. What’s your most treasured vacation? Care to turn those memories into a print and frame it on your wall? I can help with that.